Nederland heeft ongeveer 10.000 bowlers die lid zijn van de Nederlandse Bowling Federatie (NBF). Deze bowlers zijn lid van de NBF omdat ze zijn aangesloten bij één van de ongeveer 140 bowlingverenigingen in Nederland.

Als ingelogde gebruiker heeft u toegang tot afgeschermde info op deze website.

Binnenkort bij SBV:

caroussel corona update

Dear Bowlers,

On Monday, March 23, the Dutch government announced new tightened measures.
All this can be read on the various news sites.

One of the measures is that all events are prohibited until June 1st. This means that the board has decided to end the 2019-2020 bowling season.

What does this mean for you as a member?

  • House leagues are ended immediately, this also applies to G-Bowling and the 50+ League.
  • The General Meeting of Members is postponed until further notice.
  • A new date will be set for the Jubilee Tournament.
  • For the youth, the training / league will expire on Saturday, the monthly contribution will be stopped for the time being.

Maurice Michiels (treasurer) asks all house league team captains to provide him with a valid bank account number by email. The team captain then receives the prize money accumulated and won so far in his / her account. The responsibility of the distribution within the teams does not lie with the board!

Inquire with other tournament and championship organizations about the status of those events.

The board regrets this development, of course, but these measures are unavoidable. We count on your understanding and we hope that everyone stays healthy!

Hopefully we will meet again during "de Zomerspelen" (summer tournament) or else in the new season.



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